[#GroovyFUN]: Visits Prague

Friday, February 27, 2015

I feel very bless. I had the opportunity of visit one of the oldest cities on Europe. 5 hours and half from Vienna there is the wonderful and full of History city of Prague in Czech Republic.

I don't know how to start. My trip to the city was interesting. Prague is a city full of Graffiti and alternative art. The home of Art nouveau and the city itself show you how really this art change the perspective of the country. Like most of the cities in Europe... Prague have their own charm. Every corner of the city carry their own magical history.

I will tell you a bit of the places that I have the pleasure of visit this time. I went to different museums but the couple that it caught my attention were the ones related with stuff very strange for example: I really enjoy so much the Lego museum, most of you may not know that Czech Republic has one of the biggest Lego factories in all Europe although that Lego the company itself is Danish this Museum attracts so many curious kids and not so much kids neither like myself.

The next museum that I had enjoy this time so much was the Kája Saudek Comic Museum, for most of the people that believe that comic art most be purely from United States I may inform that this guy is one of the most famous comics artist in Czech Republic and his work speaks by himself. He is a truly talented man. If you had the opportunity please visit this incredible museum with also have a comic bar restaurant on the ground floor.

In conclusion there is a lot to see in Prague. I will be posting another video soon. Showing another couple of sightseeing about the country that I would like to share so stay tune.

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