[#GroovyFUN]: goes to Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ahoj! This time am bring a blog post about my day trip to Kutná Hora, a small town 45 mins away from Prague.

The main reason why I decide to visit Kutná Horas was because of the Chapel of Bones which is part of the UNESCO. I remember one of my most wanted places to visit the first time I went to Czech Republic was Kutná Hora sadly in my first opportunity the time was to short for me to see it. This time I didn't doubt to visit it and let me tell you it wasn't creepy at all.

Perhaps some of you would think "What's wrong with this people?" well, back in the days this used be a pretty normal thing for catholics, in fact the guide told us the reason behind this was to remind you that you are flesh and bones and you will become in bones and dust. The general idea is that you don't forget the faith before you die and most of the people who died considere a pleasure to be part of the Chapel of Bones.

Also I have the pleasure of visit another historic and interesting buildings like St. Barbara's Church which is well know for being one of the most beautiful churches with Gothic style. All the details around it made it so well done it is just stunning to see.

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