[#GroovyFUN]: Visits Prague 2

Friday, May 15, 2015

My adventures continues. I manage to visit Prague 2 time the last January - February. I will describe the city with a lot of nice people and culture. I specially love the food.

Teaholic attacking
This second time I had the pleasure to visit a place call: "Sweet secret of raw" which is a place that offers any type of sweets made with bio-organic ingredients and vegan. I got one of the most delicious cakes ever and I must say am not vegan at all. I enjoy it pretty much. I will like to come back some time soon.

After this, I will not show pictures of my food but I need to say that Czech cuisine is so freaking awesome. One of the things that I enjoy the most was the breaded baked cheese that curiously was the only vegetarian option in the menu lol Am not vegetarian but I am very curious 'cause I remember that my dad loves making fried cheese with cooking plantain in my home country I think somehow that disk take me home of a couple of minutes. 

Then I had the super opportunity of going to "Gallery of art Prague" which had Alfons Mucha, Salvador Dali & Andy Warhol. Although that I adore Dalí, my favourite exhibition was Alfons Mucha, sadly the lightening inside that exhibition was incredible bad for recording any type. The details in Mucha's work are completely stunning. A true genius. I will considere this place like one of the must see places in Prague if you are into art and graphics like me. I was screaming from the inside out.

My next stop was Le Husband idea, we saw in our hotel a flyer of the "Film Special Effects Museum: Karel Zeman" and perhaps you guys don't know any about this but Czech republic it was or it is still pretty big making their own movies with incredible crafty special effects and textures. I have to say it was one of the most coolest museums that I had the pleasure to visit. At the moment the museum is doing renovations due to the incredible demand of the public and they are expanding. A well design museum full of history about Czech special effects way before the computers age.

My last stop in Prague was a small art gallery. We got confuse we thought it was "Gallery of Art of Prague" and we end up on "Nadace Centrum Pop Artu" it is a small pop art gallery on the tourist heart of Prague with an awesome pop art shop next to it. One of the curious things about Prague is that is very influence in pop art and graffiti this have something to do with the most well know artist which family roots are in Czech Republic: Andy Warhol.

In this small gallery you will find some of the reproductions of Warhol work as others Pop art represents and the illustrations of Andy Warhol's nephew James Warhola which is well know by his work "Uncle Andy's: A Faabbulous visit with Andy Warhol" where he illustrates the visits to Andy Warhol's apartment while he was a kid. The most curious part is that all the illustrations are made in watercolours which makes it incredible to see.

Prague small Haul

The next video will be next week and It will be about my visit to Kutna Kora a small town a 45 mins of Prague well know for being a medieval town with roots in mining and having a chapel of bones very well know.

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