[#ExcitingAdventures]: HundertWasserHaus, Vienna.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello, my curious people. This time I had a wonderful idea. I went to the HundertWasserHaus that is well know in Vienna like one of the places to go.

HundertWasserHaus was a project of the Vienna's city hall in 1985 their construction is finish. From the hand of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and the Architect Joseph Krawina.

The building has their own personality full of colours and movement. The floors in the sidewalk are irregular and very peculiar colourful touches. In the middle of The imperial city we have this fresh breath of creativity and fun.

Inside we found social apartments homes that the government use for refugees and people who doesn't earn enough to pay expensive rents.

The idea behind the HundertWasserHaus was making a building that people can decor as they wanted. The sky is the limit. Also has big terraces and gardens which was the idea of sustainable development that Hundertwasser share with the world.

Beautiful & Interesting surely is a place to go in Vienna. I totally recommend to visit if you have the opportunity.

Address: District 3 Vienna. Kegelgasse 34-38. Easy to reach with the U4 or U3 lines of the subway.

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