[#ExcitingAdventures]: Vienna Comix April 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hello Curious, This time I had the opportunity to visit for the first time the Vienna Comic Edition April 2015 with "The Walking Dead" theme

I was very excited to going. The experience was fabulous sadly this time I don't have any pictures of Cosplayers. I own you, guys. Remember that. Well, let me say this isn't a convention itself. It's more like a Merchandise convention. Let me explain, is a place where different stores and people go to sell stuff related to Anime, Manga, Comic and Geek culture related things. Which is a good thing 'cause you have te opportunity of checking all the options for your purchase. 

Let's talk about the invites. This time they have 3 different comic artists Charlie Adlard well know for his work on the book series of the comic dead, Reinhard Kleist from DE and Der boxer and Mahmud Asrar from Wolverine, X-Men and Supergirl. All of them where signing and sharing with their fans.

Now let's point out the good things about Vienna Comix:

  1. Big tables with awesome selection of Merchandise. 
  2. Nice people with awesome cosplays.
  3. The Restaurant was specially good with some traditional recipes from the Austrian cuisine.
  4. Good organisation of the tables and stands.
  5. The hall of illustrators, this is the place where the local talents share their art and sell prints and merchandise made and design by them. 
The bad things:

  1. Too much people in the hallways which make impossible to look for specific merchandise and walk sometimes.
  2. Because it was so crowed the place was kinda hot.
  3. There was no place to hang out or sit. Which was a bad thing for me 'cause I like expending 3-4 hours looking for things or hanging around.

I made a mini haul of things I bought. I wanted to buy lots of things but I am broke lol

From left to right: Sanrio My Melody's pouch, Gumball Necklace, Rose cake earings, Sailor Mars Cameo, Pixel Fane Print and Wonder woman metal poster.

Well, I would be as Illustrator in the next Vienna Comix if you are in the city I invite to pass by and say hello at my table.

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