[#ExcitingAdventures]: History Fair, Vienna

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Long time no see. It seems ages since my last upload. I had a long vacation with my Hubby and now Am back on time to edit and upload more videos. This time we had the pleasure to visit the History Fair in Vienna last June. 
The history of how we end up there is pretty fun. We were on the drug store and for some reason we saw a family of three all dress in very peculiar costumes. So hubby decide to ask what was going on? They told us that this Heeresgeschichtliches museum was having a history fair. This museum is the armer and war museum were they have all the arms evolution though the years and divided by times.

So I didn't have any doubt to visit this awesome museum so without thinking we walk there cause after all we were pretty close. Sadly was when the heat weave was already attacking vienna. So no so good idea after all. I decided to film everything but... I didn't bring my regular camera and I made it work with my phone (Not the greatest idea but I made it work) 

Inside, they have lots of different things. People and costumes and tons of handmade accessories from jewellery to leather bags. One of the most peculiar options of food was PIZZA! it seems it already was popular back then (Am joking)

Another cool thing inside was the different events of the program. They have pretty cool stuff from reacting who war was looking until how they train back then. Also, with musicians that kindly recreated with really cool instruments who music was play back then.  

The entry fee wasn't that bad. I believe was between 4-6 Euros per person. I recommend if you are hoping visit this event next year 'cause is a yearly event try to always check the events in the museum on their webpage www.hgm.at Another important tip was taking some water and some cash in case you decided to eat there or buy something from the different shops and crafters in the fair.

Everything was well organized and clean also they had a playground for the smallest of the house and of course was well decore according with the historic theme.

If you go there dress in costume you will enter for free. There was some awesome ones. There was a lady dress like a princess sadly I saw her when I was already leaving so I didn't record it.

If you manage to go next year. Check the program 'cause sadly we miss the recreation of war and other things... but well... I will definitely comeback next year.

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