[#ExcitingAdventures]: AniNITE 2015, Vienna

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Yeah... It been a long time no see. In my defence I had tons of work with GroovyRoo. As probably may know Am trying my best to make GroovyRoo an Brand that everybody can afford.
So I had been in a couple of design and christmas markets but every start is difficult. In Austria people aren't that open minded when It comes to Kawaii Illustration and culture, they are still in dippers. So hopefully next year we will have more events to go. Crossing my fingers.

Well, this time I had the opportunity to visit the ANINITE the biggest anime/manga convention in Austria. I had tons of fun and buy a bunch of Magical Girls stuff. So proud to be available to visit this kinda events every year. This year was incredible from the cosplayers to the people. The ambience is so cool and perfect. So no complains. Here I share some of the pictures that I took that day. Hopefully next year I take more pictures of cosplayers.

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