How to deal with rejection an Open letter to Design Markets organizers

Friday, January 20, 2017

Dear, Design Markets Organizers of Austria:

Hello, Its me again. The chick from GroovyRoo. You can say this would be like a Rant post. Cause I don't seem to understand what is wrong with the design markets in Austria. Let me explain myself. Since I started GroovyRoo my goal was always communicate what was in my mind but it seems for some people around here Design or illustration has nothing to do with it. You see moms making clothes with use fabrics in events to paper goods you can easily get in aliexpress in this events.. Don't get me wrong if you want to call that design is okay. Not here to judge... my point is. I studied 4 and half years of university. I got my degree with Honors and probably am not the best designer that you know but at least I am true to myself. I find myself in a spot when sometimes I need to desperately to explain my products and inspiration, it seems having a dream is not enough sometimes but nobody ask to Yuko Shimizu (Hello Kitty), Paul Frank or Tokidoki creator Simone Legno why they stuck with their "Childish" ideas.

I know my point of views are different that what people are use to here but that doesn't mean that uncommon or different should be a negative adjective in this occasion. I stick to my point of view and will continue defending the fact that the poor explains that I get overtime I get a rejection e-mail on my inbox. But why? It isn't the point of design markets is offering new options to the public who decided to be curious and edgy about going to this kinda events? In all the events I have being in it. I have very good responses. I feel proud of my work that I do in the small office I carry in my living room and I must say I feel content of seeing the faces of everybody who gave me a smile full of sparkles only by looking what I consider I do best.

Finally, I say thank you for not opening your mind, for not letting people with different ideas of what they believe design, art or craft being entering in your so call "Design Markets" 'cause if I have to change who I am and what I do to stick what people consider "Classy and posh" I prefer to be a misfist.

Best of lucks,
Laura Portillo-Brandstetter
Graphic Designer & Illustrator from GroovyRoo.

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