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The Colourful Word of Laura

GroovyRoo is the independent project of illustration Laura Portillo (Graduated Master in Graphic Design in 2008. Maracaibo, Venezuela).

Laura started to draw and create since a pretty young age. With the support of a loving family Laura always had everything that she needed for creating all the she imagined and more. 

This began as an experiment that ended being one of the most addictive hobby she ever had. It begins back to 2007 when performing for a television spot for an university event in the realisation of the first original animation and illustration. That was just the beginning her desire to improve what already she had originally created with such emotion she found out that the illustration world wasn't as simple as she thought, so she began experimenting with different styles ...

Laura mayors influences are Kawaii Art & Naive art, two art movements well know for their innocence and childish charm.

After getting married with the love of her life and moving to Vienna, Austria were she live nowadays she started to notice that something was missing. And that's who GroovyRoo as brand started to build in October 2015 was her first ever convention as an artist.

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